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Browse our catalog of yerba mate' teas! All teas are priced per ounce. Call now to order! (509) 548-8327

Made from the leaves of a small bush in Argentina. A strong, earthy flavor with higher amounts of caffeine.


Jump Start

As the name suggests, this blend of black tea and Yerba Mate’ will give you a jump start in the morning. High in caffeine!


Roasted Yerba Mate’

This Yerba Mate' has a delicious nutty flavor with smooth caramel notes like a black tea. If you like black tea or coffee, you should give this a try.


Honey Bear Mate’

This blend contains Yerba Mate’ with lemongrass, honey flavoring and Rooibos. It is decorated with mini candy bears.


Chai Mate’

A delicious toasty chai with roasted Argentinian Yerba Mate, ginger root, cinnamon, green cardamom and vanilla flavor. Try it with a splash of milk and a touch of sugar for a treat.



Mango Ginseng Mate’

This energizing blend contains roasted Yerba Mate, Rooibos, marigold, mango pieces, ginseng root, and passion fruit. YUMMY!


Green Yerba Mate’ (Organic)

A straight classic green Yerba Mate from Argentina.

Riley Jones

Morning Mocha Mate’

The mellow chicory-like character of this toasted mate’ goes perfect with chocolate and hazelnut for a great treat. Great by itself or add a bit of cream and sugar. This mate’ is sure to entice your taste buds.


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