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New Name for a Fresh Future!

Cup and Kettle is now Little Village Tea & Spice.  

The name is changing, but the teas and spice will stay!  We will continue to build upon the good work of the past, while looking to a future that is fresh and inviting.

Why Little Village:

Leavenworth is the ultimate little village, family owned and operated shops, restaurants, wineries, breweries and hotels, nestled at the base of Cascade Mountains, drawing people from all over the PNW, US and World.  

We need the little villages (small communities and small business) of farmers to cultivate the tea and spice.  We highlight the skill of culinary creators who craft the goods we stock.

Little Village embraces the enchanting beauty of Leavenworth, while recognizing the many “little villages” worldwide that contribute to the goods we provide.

Looking to the Future:

As new owners of Leavenworth’s premier tea and spice shop, we are excited to continue to bring you hand selected, specialty teas and spices. At Little Village Tea and Spice, it is our aim to offer friendly assistance on your tea and spice exploration. We are committed to you, our customers, as we hold onto long time favorites while adding a fresh perspective and focus to more wellness centered options.

We are continually fascinated by agricultural products and the incredible, global offerings when it comes to tea and spice.

Tea and spice can provide wellness and flavor which both contribute to helping us thrive and find refreshments in the simple pleasures along life’s journey.

Whether it’s sipping tea while reading a good book or trying out a new spice for a family meal,
Little Village Tea & Spice is here to help you discover and enjoy the good and the beautiful.

We invite you to grow along with us as we endeavor to bring you the best in tea and spice.


Courtney & Jesse
Little Village Tea & Spice

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