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BBQ Spice Blend (Salt-Free)

This BBQ blend is both smoky and sweet. It can be used by itself as a dry rub for meat, mixed with honey to make an amazing glaze or make your own BBQ sauce using tomato sauce, Worcestershire sauce, water, chopped onions and oil.



Simply use on steak!


Herb De Provence

This delicious blend is salt free and great for most meat, soups, and stews!


Blackening Seasoning

Our blackening seasoning is essential to the cooking technique of Cajun cuisine. Peppery, spicy and a touch herbaceous, this blend is perfect for blackened fish tacos.



Chile Lime Blend

A bold blend of Chile peppers, lime juice and other spices that offers a tangy kick to liven up your next meal. Great for barbecue chicken or blackened fish tacos. It is even great on fruit for a sweet and spicy snack!


Fajita Spice

Fajita Spice is a delicious way to add the fajita flavor to meat and vegetables. Sprinkle it on skirt steak, toss with some peppers and onions, and grill or pan sauté for a great, quick meal.


Suya Spice

Originating in West Africa, Suya is a popular nutty and slightly spicy blend for grilled meats. Usually made with peanuts, this mix swaps them out for almonds for a healthier twist! Try it on any meat, potatoes, or even in a stew!

*Contains Tree Nuts*


Moroccan Twist

This exotic blend of spices from Morocco & North Africa will delight your palate! Great for Kabobs, Lamb, yogurt dip, chicken, & salmon!



Jamaican Jerk Seasoning

A sweet, hot and tangy blend that imparts the classic Caribbean flavors of allspice, thyme and chiles. Use as a dry rub or marinade on meat or seafood for an authentic Jamaican cooking experience.



Can be transformed into a versatile sauce or marinade simply by whisking with water and olive oil. Complements grilled meat, poultry, fish, and vegetables. Or try it as a salad dressing for a unique flavor!


Mexican Mole

This Mexican Mole blend, combines the spicy flavor of ancho and chipotle peppers, with notes of deep rich chocolate. Add to your favorite chili recipe or a touch to your favorite chocolate cake or brownies for a unique twist! Ask us about our recipe to make into sauce!


Harissa Spice

Harissa is a hot red pepper paste commonly found in North African cuisine. This blend captures the bold, smoky flavor of the classic sauce for easy use as a dry rub on your favorite meats or as an intriguing addition to your favorite curry!




This blend of spices will bring a French-Canadian flair to all your grilled meats and poultry. Excellent for coating a prime rib roast. Yum!


Outlaw Chili Seasoning

Get a taste of the southwest with this chili seasoning that has a little kick. There is no simpler way to create delicious, authentic chili than with our chili seasoning. Just add beef, onions, cooked kidney beans and tomatoes, and simmer for a classic “pot of red.”


Korean Black Garlic

This complex seasoning is perfect for marinating and glazing fish, chicken, steak or vegetables. Fermented black garlic, sesame seeds and scallions give the blend its savory flavor, while brown and turbinado sugars give it a balancing sweetness.


Taco Seasoning (Salt Free)

Leave out the salt and still get all the flavor. Try this healthier blend out for your next Taco Tuesday. Brown 1 lb. ground turkey or beef, add some chopped onions, bell peppers, tomatoes, or whatever else you like in your tacos and 2 Tablespoons of this taco seasoning.



Carne Asada

Carne Asada is made from thin marinated beef steak (skirt, flank, etc). Can be served as a main dish or as an ingredient in other dishes, and is often served with fresh guacamole, grilled onions, black beans, rice, tortillas and fresh salsa.


Ras El Hanout

Each blend of Ras El Hanout is different, but this one contains over twenty ingredients, including saffron! Use this seasoning blend with meat and potato tangines, meatballs, or lamb. It is a wonderful seasoning for curried rice and roasted vegetables.


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