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Browse our catalog of oolong teas! All teas are priced per ounce. Call now to order! (509) 548-8327

Oolong teas are partially oxidized. They are in between a black and green tea in both flavor and caffeine content.


Formosa Oolong

A white tip Oolong from Taiwan (Formosa) with fuller body and a smooth taste. This is the style of brown oolong that generations of Americans have loved due to the tasty flavor.


Fujian Oolong

This is a basic toasty Oolong that is semi-fermented, and is generally served at Chinese restaurants.


Jade Oolong

Almost green in appearance with large, hand-rolled leaves. Once infused, these unfurl to release this tea’s delicate notes, exquisite flavor and enchanting fragrance.


Passionfruit Oolong

The flavors of a honeyed Oolong blended with marigold petals and natural passion fruit flavor. Bring back the memories of warm summer days during the winter months.



Créme’ Caramel Oolong

Ooh la la, this delightful Oolong has a creamy caramel taste with caramel bits and marigold flowers.


Coconut Oolong

The delicious taste of creamy coconut will whisk you away. Great hot or iced!


Oolong Teas: Testimonials
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