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Green teas are unoxidized, and lightly heated or steamed. They are lighter than black teas in both flavor and caffeine content.


Cream Earl Green

A unique spin on a classic Earl grey. Using a blend of green teas, adding a touch of bergamot (for that traditional flavor) and then softened by fresh notes of Cornish cream.


Kashmiri Green Chai

Green tea with cinnamon chips, almonds, cloves, crushed green cardamom, and cardamom seeds. Tastes like a spiced Amaretto drink.


Jasmine Pearls

Tender shoots of hand rolled tea leaves and buds which look like pearls, scented with jasmine petals. Each pearl opens into long full tea leaves.


Jasmine Monkey King

This light and fragrant smooth green tea is scented with delicate jasmine flowers, imparting a floral sweetness to the tea.



Moroccan Mint

A blend of Sri Lankan gunpowder green tea and peppermint leaves. So refreshing! Great hot or iced!


Kick Start

This energy tea is a blend of green tea, Rooibos, ginseng root, linden blossom, rose petals, and lemon and orange granules. Low caffeine. Great hot or iced!


Strawberry Green (Organic)

Green tea blended with freeze-dried strawberries, natural dried papaya and natural flavors. A favorite with our customers!


Golden Apple Spice

This Sencha green tea blend contains natural dried apple, cinnamon pieces, safflowers and rose petals. This combination results in the flavor of warm cinnamon toast spice with an apple finish.



Almond Cookie

This green tea has an almond coconut taste with grated coconut, almond flakes and natural flavoring. It really tastes like an almond cookie.


8 Treasures

A blend of multiple green teas with pineapple bits, and strawberry bits giving this tea a subtle strawberry pineapple taste.


Walnut Brittle

China green tea, pineapple and brittle bits, walnut and almond bits, coconut and flavoring. Try it with some honey, like a fruity, nutty dessert in a cup!


Temple of Heaven Gunpowder

This tea has a roasted or toasted aroma and taste. The leaves are rolled into very small pieces which are heavy. Only small amounts are needed to prepare a good cup of tea.



Lung Ching Dragon Well

This green tea is one of China's 10 Famous teas and is traditionally served to Emperors, Kings/Queens and Presidents and is considered to be the luckiest tea. It has a delicate sweet taste with a hint of chestnut notes. It feels full and round in your mouth and leaves a refreshing aftertaste.



“Genmaicha” means natural rice. A mixture of Bancha green tea, toasted & popped rice kernels. A popular household green tea in Japan.



A traditional Japanese green tea with tightly rolled needle shaped leaves picked in early spring which is quite refreshing.


Go Go Goji

This fun Sencha green tea blend is filled with bright red Goji berries, with hints of blueberry, and pomegranate.



Chocolate Banana Bread

Rich dark chocolate flavor with fresh banana and robust nutty aroma! This green tea will make you forget your even drinking tea! Just think Chocolate banana bread!


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