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Browse our catalog of black teas! All teas are priced per ounce. Call now to order! (509) 548-8327

Black teas are fully oxidized with a strong, bold flavor.


Blood Orange

Black tea blended with orange peel, rose hips, apple bits, safflowers & rose petals with a touch of natural orange, vanilla and lemon flavoring


Orange Creamsicle

Bring back your childhood memory with this blend of Indian black tea with orange peel, vanilla bits and natural orange and vanilla flavor.


Princess Grey

A black tea blended with bergamot, lavender and rose. This floral classic Earl Grey will be sure to delight your taste buds!


Tropical Earl

Go a little crazy and get a little tropical with your Earl Grey. This black tea blend has coconut and pineapple that pair well with the classic bergamot of Earl Grey. Give it a try!



Blue Flower Earl Grey

A whole leaf black tea blended with blue mallow blossoms and double bergamot to produce a rich, full-bodied strong cup of Earl Grey with just a touch of a floral taste.


Breakfast Earl Grey

A traditional Earl Grey, (black tea with Bergamot), using a blend of black teas, with gold tips for added smoothness.


Cream Earl Grey

A must for the avid Earl Grey tea drinker! A classic Earl Grey mellowed with a delicious creamy taste. An excellent all day tea with a superb finish.


Mango Amazon

A blend of black tea, mango pieces, and marigold flowers with mango and passion fruit flavor.



Chocolate Dipped Strawberry

A black tea blended with chocolate chips, strawberry and chocolate flavors. A perfect summertime, or any time, treat!


Black Forest

Black tea from India blended with blueberries, cranberries, safflowers and natural berry flavors.


Black Jasmine Cream

This delightfully floral and creamy tea is a blend of black tea, green tea, Jasmine flowers, and vanilla. Perfect for those who love the delicate flavor of Jasmine and the smoothness of vanilla.


Giddy Up Julep

This tea is sure to win the triple crown, raising the stakes on the drink made famous in Kentucky. Refreshing mint, sweet citrus and a hint of racing “spirit” this tea will become one of your favorite bets.



Cherry Pit

It’s been tough but we finally have a cherry black tea that we all liked! If you like cherries and you like tea, you should enjoy this one!



A simple, and yet so refreshing, blend of Chinese black tea and spearmint. A southern classic, especially iced!


Raspberry Mint Truffle

A decadent blend of Chinese Hunan black tea with dried raspberries, mint leaves, and chocolate. Sweet tooth satisfying!


Black Fruit

Black tea, black currants, black currant leaves, with natural blackberry, huckleberry and currant flavors.




A Sri Lankan black tea with natural chestnut flavor. Kinda caramel, kinda nutty, roasty and smooth – bring back a touch of winter by sipping a cup of this tea


Huckleberry Cream

Estate black tea blended with the essence of Pacific Northwest indigenous sweet huckleberries and vanilla.


Chocolate Mint

Black tea blended with peppermint, blackberry leaves and natural flavors. Wonderfully reminiscent of an after dinner mint.


Masala Chai (Organic)

Masala Chai literally translates to “mixed-spice tea”. This tea has gained world-wide popularity and is commonly blended with various ingredients as there is really no set recipe.



Irish Morning

A black tea with coconut shreds, strawberry leaf, safflowers, rum and cream flavoring. A blend that is sure to get you saying “good morning”.


Lady Londonderry

An English favorite! Black tea blended with freeze dried strawberries, natural dried lemon balm, calendula, and sunflower petals.


Market Spice

The world famous tea from Pike Place Market, consisting of black tea, cinnamon and orange flavoring resulting in a spicy sweet tea. Store this tea in your freezer!


Vanilla Black

A smooth black tea with a hint of vanilla. One of the shop’s favorite!



Pineapple Upside Down Cake

You read it right. A melt in your mouth combination of vanilla, pineapple bits and cherry bits. Just think cake batter. How can you go wrong?


Chili Truffle

This black tea has cacao bits, chili flakes, cocoa bits, chili bits and flavoring. A little naughty and nice together in a tea.


Fire & Ice

Awaken your senses with this refreshingly different infusion of black tea, blue cornflower petals, and a unique, peppery-peach taste.



Black tea blended with mango, peach, lavender and rose. One of our bestsellers!



Coconut Candy Bar

A black tea blend with chocolate chips, white chocolate chips, cocoa bits and coconut flakes. If you love smooth chocolate with refreshing coconut, this tea is for you!


Market Chai

A twist on the classic containing a blend of Assam black tea, vanilla, orange peel, cinnamon, cardamom, clove, coriander, ginger, and nutmeg. This blend is sure to become your favorite Chai.


Summer Peach

This tea blends black tea with peach flavoring and ginger. Brew as an iced tea then combine with lemonade to create a perfect summertime beverage. Great hot or iced!


Tiger Hill Estate - BOP

This BOP comes from one of the most prominent estates in the Nilgiri district in India, where the gardens are known for their unique flavor. This black tea has a fast infusion resulting in a strong robust brew.



Assam – GFOP (Organic)

This organic black tea produces an excellent tasting, full-bodied, malty, rich flavored tea, which is great with either bacon and eggs or light meals.


Margaret’s Hope Darjeeling

This black tea is one of the finest examples of a first flush Darjeeling. It has a traditional muscatel flavor and a round, smooth finish with a touch of astringency.


Scottish Breakfast

Malty, full bodied character with bright flavor notes and hints of cask oakiness. A bracing Highlander’s cup of tea.


English Breakfast (Organic)

A blend of Indian, Ceylon, and Chinese whole leaf black teas. A full-bodied, robust, and rich blend that goes well with milk and sugar. This is the most common style of tea in the U.K.



Irish Breakfast (Organic)

A blend of Indian and Chinese teas with some golden tips. A strong tea commonly served with milk or straight with lemon and/or sugar.


Ceylon (Organic)

An organic full-bodied black tea with a rich aroma and a sweet taste from a renowned organic estate. Excellent hot or iced!


Lapsang Souchong (Organic)

A specialty tea from the Fujian province. This black tea is smoke dried over pinewood giving it a heavily smoky aroma and a deep, rich, smooth taste. One co-worker states that with some milk and sugar, it tastes like a toasted marshmallow.


Keemun 001 OP

This tea is made of the finest grade of leaves from Keemun with a honeyed sweet aroma and a taste that is smooth with a hint of floral aftertaste.



Milima Estate GFOP

This Kenyan tea garden was built in 1929 and produces a sweet, full-bodied orthodox leaf, reminiscent of a top grade Assam. It yields a rich and fruity/floral cup with not a lot of astringency.


Hearthside Toddy

This black blend has a vanilla spice taste with vanilla, ginger bits, citrus, spices and flavoring. Think about sitting by the fire with snow gently falling outdoors.


Black Ginger

Smooth India black tea with ginger root and natural ginger flavors. This zesty tea might aid in digestion and can help settle an upset tummy.


Caramel Toffee PuErh

A study in Japan indicated that all teas lower cholesterol, but that PuErh is more effective than green tea. Perfect on a dark and stormy winter night. Flavors of damp sweet earth, burnt caramel and cream abound.



Pistachio Pu’Erh

This fabulous nutty tea won the second place award for Flavored Pu’Erh in the 2017 Global Tea championship!


Kiss My Lips

This Chinese black tea has a vanilla peppermint taste with bright red candy sprinkles. Always a favorite!


Cranberry Cream

A delectable pairing of natural cranberry and vanilla flavorings with a Chinese black tea. This tea is both tart and sweet.


Spiced Cider Tea

It’s Marketspice kicked up a little with the addition of mulling spices. Just wait till you try it! Even non-tea lovers like it. Curl up by the fire and have a cuppa or try it iced, either way it is wonderful.



Pomegranate Twist

Imagine sitting outside in the sun sipping the best iced tea you’ve ever had (though it is great as a hot tea also). This blend contains black tea, dried pomegranate, with pomegranate, lemon and huckleberry flavoring.


Berry PuErh

“Yum” will be the word that comes to mind when you taste this tea. Although PuErh tends to be earthy, the addition of blueberries, pomegranate, raspberries and strawberries will brighten it up and delight your taste buds.


Yunnan Pu-Erh

This post-fermented tea, from the Yunnan province, has leaves that are re-hydrated to enable a second fermentation. Pu-Erh teas are stored in cool cellars or buried in the ground (or caves) for one or more years resulting in a strong and earthy taste and depending on the brewing time can also take on a woody flavor.


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