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Smokin’ Guns

First you get some smoky flavor from the applewood, followed by a little heat from the chipotle pepper.


Backyard BBQ

Enjoy the flavor of hickory wood smoke without the hassle. Tastes sweet and smoky, like BBQ potato chips!


Nashville Hot Chicken

Loaded with spicy cayenne and smoked paprika, this rub will make your tastes buds dance a fiery dance!


Sweet Heat

This is a very refreshing blend of herbal and fruit seasonings with a touch of floral and some heat from cayenne.



Finger Lickin’ Chicken

Combines a balance of herbs and garlic pepper to create a winning mélange of flavor. This rub will keep ‘em coming back for more.


Sizzlin’ Cilantro

The pairing of lime and cilantro is a classic combination. Add a little cayenne for some gentle heat and you have a winner.


Luau Rib Rub

Your tastebuds will stay busy with this rub. Tropical, sweet and smoky all at the same time with a touch of clove.


Blazin’ BBQ

Are you looking for something Blazin’ hot for your next BBQ? Well look no farther! Blazin’ BBQ packs a punch for all those who like it HOT!



Hot Wing Rub

Great on any type of wings – smoked, fried or baked. Be careful, these wings may have a little bit of bite to them.


Maple Bacon Rub

What’s not to love about this rub! We tried it sprinkled on roasted sweet potatoes that had been rubbed with a little olive oil prior to baking. The result – YUMMY! This is an amazing rub that will bring out the chef in you.


Desert Dynamite

With a moderate hint of garlic and peppers, this garlic pepper is a cut above all the others. A delight when sprinkled on any prepared food, or try it on grilled beef, chicken or fish.


Savory Smoke

If you love hickory smoke, and you love garlic, and you don’t want to use a sugar based rub, this one’s for you. Be creative and have fun with it.



Raspberry Chipotle

Sweet and then spicy, this rub has a rich flavor of smoked raspberry with a little kick of spice.


Peachy Keen

This sugar based rub imparts a sweet peach flavor that will not soon be forgotten. A must have for your summer BBQ!


Maple Praline Rub

One of our most popular rubs with a most intoxicating smell of smoked maple and pecan wood.


Secret Garden

This is one of our most versatile seasoning rubs featuring various herbs along with traditional flavors.




This is a great all around BBQ rub! It starts out sweet and finish’s with a nice kick of heat!



Just as the name implies, an absolute must for ribs! This rub has a sweet flavor with just a hint of chipotle!


Slammin’ Sirloin

This rub was made for steak lovers and results in the taste of a traditional steak restaurant. Heavy on the pepper, with hints of onion and garlic. If you love grilled steaks, you will love this blend.


Citrus Dill

Citrus and dill combine for a flavor explosion. This sugar based rub is great on fish but feel free to try it on other types of meat.



Mesquite Mayhem

If you like it sweet with a background hint of mesquite smoke, this is the rub for you!


Perfectly Pecan

This seasoning answers the challenge of getting the most flavor, without compromising the distinct taste of what you are cooking.


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