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Browse our catalog of white teas! All teas are priced per ounce. Call now to order! (509) 548-8327

White teas are unoxidized, and the most delicate tea leaf. They are light in flavor, and low in caffeine.


Strawberry Supreme

A smooth delightful mix of white tea and rooibos with a splash of strawberry, blueberry, & vanilla!


Champagne Raspberry

A delightful tea that makes you want to celebrate. This blend consists of white tea, safflowers with champagne and red raspberry flavors. Try it iced with a splash of sparkling water to mimic champagne bubbles.


White Ginger Orange Peach

White tea, Bai Mu Dan, with ginger root, orange peel, peach pieces, marigold, safflower, with natural orange and peach flavors.


White Peony

A white tea from Fujian, China. White Peony, is a sweet, mild tea made from unopened tea buds, as well as the two newest leaves to sprout. Warm & Floral like fruit blossoms!


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