Barbecue Rubs
Spice Blends and Spices

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Barbecue Rubs
  • Smokin' Guns - Starts with Granny Smith apple flavor and ends with a chipotle kick.  Great on Pork, chicken, ribs, potatoes, corn-on-the cob, brussel sprouts.
  • Backyard BBQ - Tastes like BBQ potato chips, sweet and smoky.  Great on chicken, pork, hamburgers, potatoes.
  • Sweet Heat - Not too spicy, this rub has floral notes and lots of flavor.  Great on chicken, pork chops, ribs, roasted potatoes, grilled asparagus.
  • Finger Lickin' Chicken - Perfect balance of herbs and garlic, this rub will keep them coming back for more.  Great on/in chicken (!), mashed potatoes (!), hamburgers, soups, brussel sprouts, spaghetti sauce.  One of our best sellers.
  • Sizzlin' Cilantro - Craving fajitas?  Tacos?  Great blend of cilantro and lime with some zest.
  • Luau Rib - Sweet and tropical, with notes of clove.  Great on ribs, pork, ham, or in stir-fry.
  • Hot Wing - Not too hot but just enough.  Great on, you guessed it, wings!
  • All Q'd Up - Well balanced, perfect for smoking anything and brings out the natural flavor of the meat.  Try it on pulled pork, or smoked chicken.
  • Maple Bacon - Warning, you will use this on everything!  We even used it on roasted sweet potatoes with amazing success. One of our best sellers.
  • Desert Dynamite - Pepper and garlic team up to enhance your steak dinner.  Besides steak, try it on lamb, potatoes, brussel sprouts and asparagus.
  • Savory Smoke - Can't go wrong with this one given the combo of hickory smoke and garlic.  Great on chicken, pork and veggies
  • Raspberry Chipotle - A staff favorite, sweet and spicy.  Excellent on ribs, pork, chicken or added to salad dressing.
  • Peachy Keen - This sugar based rub imparts a sweet peach flavor.  Great for kids.  Try it on any chicken or pork.
  • Maple Praline - One of our most popular rubs with the intoxicating smell of smoked maple and pecan wood.  Great on pork, ribs, poultry or fish
  • Secret Garden - This is one of our most versatile rubs featuring various herbs and spices.  We love it on chicken, salads, chops, burgers, ribs, baked potatoes or added to sour cream for a great veggie dip.
  • Slammin' Sirloin - This rub was made for the person who loves steak and spice.  Heavy on pepper with hints of onion and garlic.  One of our best sellers.
  • Citrus Dill - Citrus and dill combine for a flavor explosion.  This sugar based rub is great on fish but feel free to try it on other types of meat too.
  • Mesquite Mayhem - If you like a little sweet with a background of mesquite smoke, this is the rub for you.  Great on most red meats as well as pork or ham.
  • Perfectly Pecan - This is an all purpose BBQ rub.  Use it on all types of meat and veggies.

- Alderwood Smoked Salt                                          - Fennel Saffron Sea Salt                        
- Pure Ocean Salt                                                     - Mesquite Smoked Salt
- Rosemary Salt                                                        - Ghost Pepper Sea Salt
- Hawi Kai Black Salt                                                - Roasted Garlic Salt
- Himalayan Pink Coarse Salt                                    - Lavender Rosemary Sea Salt
- Habanero Salt                                                        -  Gourmet Trio Sea Salt
- Black Truffle Salt                                                    - Hickory Smoked Salt
- Chili Lime Sea Salt                                                 - Applewood Smoked Salt   
- Sriracha Salt
- Vanilla Bean Salt
- Whiskey Smoked Sea Salt
- Toasted Onion Salt

- Smoked Black Peppercorns                                   - White Peppercorns
- Green Peppercorns                                                - Pink Peppercorns
- Grains of Paradise                                                 - Szechuan Peppercorns
- Tellicherry Peppercorns                                          - 4 Peppercorn Blend